Principal's Desk
  Dear Parents and Friends,

It is said that if the foundation is laid well no upheaval can shake the structure. This also applies to human beings wherein the things learnt during childhood remain with one throughout life. Lessons learnt in the formative years, where the mind is most impressionable, form the bedrock of an individual’s personality and his way of thinking. The sounder the values and principle ingrained, the more disciplined and integrated is the development of self.

At DPS we aspire to render the learners as citizens of international standards and our efforts are making promising headways ‘An Alma Mater’ is the serene place where an all-round development of the pupils is to be ensured so that they can spearhead the new emerging challenges of time and clime. We invite you to visit DPS Jamshedpur, head and collaborate with us to lay a strong foundation of the younger generation for a better golden tomorrow.

Dr. Kirandeo Singh (Principal)



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