About Us

The Location of DPS JAMSHEDPUR in an immaculate landscape situated in the outskirts of the city,surrounded by Subarnarekha river and Dalma hills. The greenery spread en route instills in every mind to gather momentum in one's life throughout and never to back down. The building is located far from the madding crowd, totally away from the hustle-bustle of the city and the children here get the vivid imaginative ambiance to study. The school covers a total of 16 acres of land,consisting spacious assembly ground with beautifully decorated dias which motivates each and every soul to desire to excel everyday and everywhere .

It is initiated under VISWA GYAN PUNJ TRUST, DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL JAMSHEDPUR was founded by Honorable
Shri Dhanraj Singh
A Socialist, A Visionary, An educationist who took the privilege to lay the foundation stone a decade before and gradually the school has outperformed the results both academically and in extra-curricular activities in all these years. Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi, the school aims at all-round development of students to enhance themselves to adhere as future leaders.

The founder member, DPS R.K.PURAM started its journey in 1972 which has gradually set eminent evidences to enlighten the name to its zenith. Starting with zealous dedication with a blend of aspiring lives ahead has initiated the spectacular journey of DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, JAMSHEDPUR under the aegis of the DPS society with utmost efficient Management circle. The never-to-say a 'no' teachers work under the guidance of an enthusiastic persona, the Principal heading the institution. He helps to carry forward the name of the school to greater heights.

We emphasize on our students to become independent thinkers, decision makers and responsible citizens of the cosmos. Numerous alumni of our school have got best possible grade results which helped them inculcate always ready-to-do personality with a strong commitment and confidence to face the world. The participation of the children in extra-curricular activities like singing, dancing, yoga, basketball, chess, karate, carom et all helps them to gain strength, stamina along with state, national and international level recognition. It is believed that a student of DPS when he completes his education from this institution he attains outstanding higher principles, greater laurels, ever appreciable nature and throws an eye-catching impression to the world. EVERY CHILD HERE IS CONSIDERED A GEM.

The teachers help in shaping and re-shaping plus bringing a shine to them, be it their personalities, be it their academics.
The flowery pavements, where the buses wait for the pupils to get in, shines with the ecstatic blooms all around. Transportation being provided is the corner stone of the school facility. Among other efficient facilities are, air-conditioned hostel for the students coming to pursue knowledge from all over the country. It is an incredible credit to the school to be the very first one in Bihar / Jharkhand region to provide world-class atmosphere to the hostel students residing in the campus. Children here learn with perseverance and treat everyone with empathy.

The faculty members are strategic and put their utmost efforts to make the students learn with well-implemented techniques and teaching plans.

Foreign languages like German and ancient Indian language, Sanskrit are taught which inculcates in the students to become exclusive advanced learners which helps to enlighten them to face different phases of the world.

Children here are encouraged in various sports like Yoga, karate, basketball etc to outsource themselves globally and are highly spirit-oriented. Many of our alumni have bagged national and international level prizes. Adding beauty to the overall curriculum, the children get to learn ample of club activities such as creative writing, public speaking,dramatics,quiz,instrumental,singing,dancing etc to gather momentum in creativity and to endless opportunities to perform throughout.

The spacious Chemistry,Physics,Biology laboratories are well-equipped which are always as a helping hand to the students for their practical experiments with the assistance of well-accomplished lab assistants to help them perform novel experiments.
The teachers are perfect epitome of a combination of a friend, philosopher and guide who hold the motto to motivate the minds and mettle of the young achievers. They help them learn, read and write efficiently and so to attain a gracious and deliberate personality. They sustain enormous teaching qualities which helps the children eradicate negativity and to perk themselves with intense understanding and depth of knowledge.

The school is divided into primary,middle and senior wings. It offers a wide range of optional subjects such as German,Sanskrit,Commerce,Science etc for the opinionated choices of the students.

The teaching-learning method is encouraged with the help of the EDUCOMP SMARTCLASS SYSTEM. It contains various animations,real-life applications,multiple choice questions and the like. There are innumerable contents to groom with the play-and-learn method for their adequate attention to study and reach greater heights in their lives ahead.

Honorable Shri Dhanraj Singh
(01 Jan 1943- 12 Oct 2017)